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These are not my flowers, but this picture of them is for you, Mom

Mom, this is a little sundries drugstore shop place, you would definitely like it. It's opposite the sugar cane refinery whose smokestacks billow out sugar cane vapor. For real, our town is gently misted by sugar cane juice.

Happy Mother's Day!


I love you!

Another day like the last



songs from "The Story of Taiwan"

Happy Times: Popsicle
Your Cold Hands
A Visit to Spring
Look at Me! Look at Me!
Let's Go Watch the Clouds
A Happy Little Girl
Final Wishes
Keep the Sunshine
Snail and Oriole
Your Song
Scenes in the Rain
A Lovely Boat
Attached to You Even When Apart
Rain in March
My Words to Clouds
Haha Song

but this is my favorite song

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