Friday, January 29, 2010

Tell me about your favorite movie.

Laundry's daughter gold grass (with benefits of good decoration) is a public high school sophomore swimmer next door is designed for South Korea's daughter and the child rich family who set up the consortium of private high schools "myth college" elite schools.

One day after the incident in a sporadic silk grass lure them away to a "high myth" while there is F4 on the campus known as heir to a family of four major South Korea consortium. Jun table. Yoon Si-thick, Su Yi-ching, Song Yu-Bin, is the myth college summon wind and rain figure, the original looked down on the first wire grass with F4 Jun table, they are gradually just this with the upper class out of tune, optimistic, cheerful, stubborn, persistence or ordinary girls attraction by a Cinderell an the Prince of modern romantic love story began for...

I love this. This is what happens when the best and most eager students in class desperately want to share something more substantial. There is a special feeling when reading what boils down to spam hand-written in a 12 year old's journal...A dawning of a New Age feeling. Despite its nonsense I have a vague idea what's going on, don't you? I gave her a gentle warning against instant translators and a big red check-mark for effort.

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