Sunday, February 7, 2010

Arbitrary goals


One of the joys of cycling is the arbitrary, but necessary goal that is invented to get you from one point to the next. Small achievable goals make you forget that you are really randomly careening in a space that you've decided to make sense of in your mind. I often wonder what non-cyclists/joggers, or otherwise non-explorers, have as a topography in their heads. Outside of the 2-mile radius from one's front door is there a blurry, pixelated no-man's land? What a scary thought.

To stay off two-lane roads.
To not go under the bullet train.
To keep the bullet train on our right.
To not meet with the same road twice.
To ride west.
To try to stay in the patches of sunlight.
To take this scooter road all the way to its end.
To meet with the river and the 20 foot high embankment without looking for it.
To get on top of the embankment and ride for 25 km.
To take this sky-way motor-free bicycle path all the way to its end.


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